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Ceramic Orange Giraffe Figure Lamp

Alex Marshall’s ceramics can be described as beautifully functional sculpture. Many have referred to her work as organic — an elegant mixture of art and chance. But she takes a highly skilled and deliberate approach to her art.

"I wanted to design a line which maintains the intent and authenticity of the individually handcrafted piece," says Alex. "Each piece retains its own integrity, seen in the slight asymmetry, while remaining a clean modern form."

Each Figure Lamp comes on an 8" x 5" ceramic base with an oval shade and uses a 3 way bulb up to 100 watts

orange giraffe
figure - 7.5 x 2.5 x 12" h
total height - 22" h

*Shipping times are dependant on production at the time of ordering.  Every piece is handmade for your order and average lead time is 2-4 weeks for delivery.